Franchise Opportunity

We are looking for motivated Partners &  Franchisees across the world to further develop our business and brand as the leader in providing Ready Made Stores , Services and Solutions in the online market.

“A great opportunity to build a professional business with recurring income for you and your family.”

We are looking for motivated Partners &  Franchisees across the world to further develop our business and brand as the leader in providing Ready Made Stores , Services and Solutions in the online market.

“A great opportunity to build a professional business with recurring income for you and your family.”

The Market

Business onlineEcommerce, Dropshipping and Online Businesses are booming with more people setting up online businesses, and more people buying online than ever before. 

Not everyone is a graphic designer, programmer, marketing whiz, businessman or know what it takes to get a business off the ground, we do. We fill a gap in the market that the huge multi nationals don’t want, we provide clients a Ready Made Business that is already set up and ready to start marketing, and then provide them the 1 to 1 support , marketing training and ongoung guidance they need to take it to the next level.

The Opportunity

We provide you with a unique opportunity to fill a gap in the market providing your clients with great Business Start Up Opportunities and Services not available anywhere else. With our unique Ready Made Platforms, including Ecommerce Dropshipping Stores, Property Portals, and Travel, with Business & Marketing Support Services you will be assisting your clients to start their journey to independence, while creating yours.

No prior experience in ecommerce is required, you can work from home or office, on a full time or part time basis. We don’t set targets but do work with you to help and assist you to continually grow your business at a speed that suits you.

As a Ready Made Partner your main focus will be to market to and manage your own customer base, backed by our great software platforms, systems and support. We have an experienced, professional and knowledgeable back up team committed to helping you and your clients achieve financial independence and become a business success.

Business onlineYour Business

As a Ready Made Partner you will be creating your business and helping your clients build theirs with our great products, services and professional support designed to help you and your clients run a great profitable business. We will provide you with established, processes , systems, software and support all gained from our successful roll out and online presence over the last 15 years.

As a Partner or Franchisee you will be responsible for the marketing, growth and roll out across your agreed region , backed by our expertise , staff and systems ensuring a high level of success and sales.


As a Ready Made Partner or Franchisee we provide you with:

  • A Ready Made Stores Brand Website

    You will be operating a full Ready Made Stores Partner Site, and all of the backend systems to ensure smooth running of your business.

  • Automated Response Systems

    Our Marketing and CRM systems work together to automate email responses for enquiries, with a sequence of marketing emails and contact points ensuring maximum efficiency in managing your enquiries.

  • Processing Backend Systems

    Our backend systems for processing the sale and production of online stores are highly automated and integrated into our CRM and follow up email systems.

  • Training

    We provide you extensive startup training, ongoing support and management to ensure you are operating effectively and fully up to date with products and services.

  • Unlimited Support

    Direct and unlimited Support is provided by our fantastic support teams, telephone and email. Support covers products, marketing, business development, and all other areas of your business.

  • Back Office

    We are your back office. Depending on your level of involvement required we can provide a tailored solution that works hand in hand with our systems and staff.

  • Territory

    Depending on which package you choose, you can operate online and offline, with agreed geographic exclusivity.

  • Unique Platforms

    Our platforms , products and services provide your clients a unique opportunity to start their ecommerce business on the next level with Ready Made Stores and business and marketing support provided.

  • Booming Market

    The ‘Build an Ecommerce’ store market is booming with more sites being built and bought than ever before with the ‘monthly paid’ services creating a hole in the market for Ready Made and full paid stores for clients not wanting to pay indefinately.

With Great benefits

  • Home Based

    The Ready Made Stores business is the ideal home based and ‘transportable’ business. With nothing more needed than your laptop, phone and a wi-fi signal to run your business from anywhere in the world it brings you true independent living.

  • Low Startup

    An a Ready Made Partner we want to help you grow, when you grow we grow which is why we have a low joining fee and low royalties ensuring you stay motivated and are able to focus your resources on building your own business.

  • In demand

    Demand for our Ready Made Store products and Business & Marketing support services have grown at a fantastic rate and is proving there is a great and growing market for our style of ‘Next Step Up’ products for ambitious clients.

  • Multiple Streams

    Growing a business means being resourceful and creating income , As a Ready Made Partner you will have income from Store sales and Recurring support plans.

  • Sellable Business

    Creating a business that has a value, that you can transfer to a family member or sell for a fair price when you want is very important which is why your business is sellable and transferable with no penalty fees attached, guaranteed.

  • Earnings

    Earnings depend on your own commitment and resources, we are here to help you maximise both. As a Ready Made Partner we expect you to achieve significant sales with our support and experience.

Ready Made Partner Profiles

  • Lebo Gunguluza
    Dropship Club

    Lebo Gunguluza is a Dragons Den Investor, Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, Strategist, Motivational Speaker, Public Figure and Chairman of GEM Group, and Ready Made Stores Partner.

  • Odette Butcher
    Ecom Virtual Services

    Odette has 20+ years experience building Online Businesses, is a well known authority & public speaker, successful business woman and is our Ready Made Mentor, Trainer & Partner.

  • Amo Pachu
    Your Business Venture

    Amo is an experienced Travel and Property business builder with over 20 years experience in developing online businesses, and is one of our longest and Top Performing Partners.

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